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An invention can be protected by a patent registration. However, this is a lengthy and expensive process. The average delay is around 18 months before the publication of the patent document that describes the invention to the public (Article L. 612-21 CPI).

Nevertheless, there is an exception to the patent monopoly under Article L. 613-7 of the Code of Intellectual Property: “Any person who, within the territory in which this Book applies, at the filing date or priority date of a patent was, in good faith, in possession of the invention which is the subject matter of the patent shall enjoy a personal right to work that invention despite the existence of the patent.

In order to do this, besides the conditions set out in this Article, the inventor must provide a evidence of anteriority on the possession of the invention. It belongs to him to provide evidence to the conditions set by law. MaPreuve enables you to get this evidence of anteriority.

In summary, if you do not want to wait two years of proceedings, nor to invest several thousand euros in the process of filling a patent for the legal protection of your invention, or see it reveal to the world by seeing published its trade secret, MaPreuve service is your solution.

In addition to the Patent Law includes legal exclusions from patentability, and the law prohibits patents in certain areas such as, plant varieties or methods of surgical and therapeutic.

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