FAQ : Questions Fréquentes

General overview

  1. What are the available packages on MaPreuve
  2. What file size and type can I use ?
  3. Can I access MaPreuve from any computer ?
  4. How do I buy a proof ?
  5. What is the confidentiality level ?
  6. How does the proof arrive on my desktop computer ?
  7. What does the electronic signature offer ?
  8. What does the RGS qualification signify ?
  9. And your timestamping service ?
  10. What receipts of proof do you offer ?
  11. How can I verify the signature and timestamping of the generated fingerprint ?
  12. Can I highlight my protection on a website ?
  13. What happens if the MaPreuve site stops ?

. What are the available packages on MaPreuve

MaPreuve allows you to time stamp your inventions and creations and to certify any digital document. You protect yourself by establishing proof of the date and the existence of your various creations.

Concerning artistic and literary creations: :
We provide a legal proof of existence for artistic and literary creations.
Dans de nombreux pays comme la France, le droit d'auteur

Regarding the inventions :
You will have proof of prior art of your inventions. In France, this anticipation may allow you, under certain conditions, to exploit the innovation concerned even if a third party files a patent after you.
Your anteriority becomes indisputable and you can assert your rights.

Concerning the certification of any digital document: :
Our proof also ensures integrity and certifies at a certain date the important documents such as findings, inventories, wills, etc….

You will find on page Que voulez-vous prouver ? a non-exhaustive list of items which you can protect, time stramped or certified.

. What file size and type can I use ?

You can submit any type of document, without any size limit.

The documents that you protect are never transmitted over the network. We create a digital fingerprint of your document that means it can be uniquely identified.

. Can I access MaPreuve from any computer ?

Very simply, you will have to fill in the email address and the password used during the registration process.

. How do I buy a proof ?

We sell Proof Credits. With a Credit, you can protect a file whatever its size or format.
We sell the following Packages :
- The “Discovery” Package 3 Credits corresponds to 3 protected document,
- The 10 Credits package corresponds to 10 protected documents,
- The 50 Credits package corresponds to 50 protected documents,
- The 50 Credits package corresponds to 50 protected documents,

If you opt for a Package of 3,10,25 or 50 Credits you do not have to use all the Credits for the limited period.

. What is the confidentiality level ?

Secrecy and confidentiality are at the heart of our system. Indeed, your document will at no time leave our computer workstation; we will thus be unaware of its contents. Our procedure consists in achieving a digital fingerprint with the algorithm called SHA-256. This fingerprint provides no information that would enable the file to be restored. It is this fingerprint that we are electronically signing and timestamping.

. How does the proof arrive on my desktop computer ?

The proof arrives on your computer desk thanks to our automated process. Your proof is created directly as a zipped envelope in ".asice" format. It can be submitted as evidence in court.

. What does the electronic signature offer ?

La signature électronique permet de certifier un document. Pour signer le document, MaPreuve utilise un certificat numérique qualifié RGS **.

. What does the RGS qualification signify ?

The RGS stands for "General Security Reference". This is the new French qualification to protect electronic exchanges between the State and individuals, its application decree was released in May 2010.

. And your timestamping service ?

We set up a time server connected to 4 atomic clocks, which allows us to provide an extremely precise certified date and time.

. What receipts of proof do you offer ?

You will receive your proof and a receipt of proof.
Your proof is constituted on your computer workstation by a zipped file (.zip or .asice) containing your original file accompanied by its digitally signed and time-stamped fingerprint and a proof certificate.
The receipt of proof is an attestation which contains the executed process. You will receive it by certified email thanks to an RGS electronic certificate. In addition, you can verify that we are the the sender of this email thanks to the integration of our Certigna authority into the Windows, Mac and Mozilla operating systems.

. How can I verify the signature and timestamping of the generated fingerprint ?

Nous avons développé un outil de vérification en ligne qui peut être utilisé à tout moment. Ce service gratuit permet de vérifier l’horodatage et la signature électronique en s’assurant que l’empreinte associée correspond bien au fichier inclus dans l’enveloppe zippée.
As we use industry standards in terms of security, this verification can also be performed using tools compatible with these standards.

. Can I highlight my protection on a website ?

We have developed a "MaPreuve" seal which is available free of charge in your customer account. You can download it and place it for example below your photo. When clicked, the user will access the details of your proof. In addition, the mention that you are protected dissuades most of copiers.

More information

. What happens if the MaPreuve site stops ?

In all cases, your proofs remain valid. If challenged in court, for example, they are readable by all experts, as our proofs are created in a standard electronic format.

Application areas

  1. All the creations related to copyright are they affected?
  2. The music ?
  3. And for video games ?
  4. Can I protect an object or a three-dimensional creation ?
  5. The trademarks and logos ?
  6. Inventions are also concerned?
  7. Concerning drawing and models ?
  8. And for know-how ?
  9. As part of a cooking recipe ?
  10. How do I certify a will with MaPreuve ?

. All the creations related to copyright are they affected?

Indeed, we find such software, photos, drawings, books, brochures, fashion designs, etc ... you can read the article L.112-2 of the Code of intellectual property. You will access to a non exhaustive list about our Home page

. The music ?

Our technology is also about music. With MaPreuve, you can save your work in its entirety but also your texts, arrangements, chords or partitions.

. And for video games ?

The legal protection of the video game involves asking what a video game is in the legal sense.
Question frequently asked before the judges, who in the judgement of the First Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court dated June 25, 2009 (No. 07-20387) qualified the video game, "a complex work". A complex work means that the video game can not be protected as a whole but each of its elements can be protected in accordance with the specific legal regimes to which they belong: music, software, databases, designs, characters,...

It is therefore important to legally protect all elements of a video game, separately and not to protect the game as a whole. These elements, which are governed by copyright or related rights, may be registered on MaPreuve.

. Can I protect an object or a three-dimensional creation ?

We advise you to take a photo or even better a video commentary that can be protected with MaPreuve.

. The trademarks and logos ?

The protection of a French brand by the INPI costs more than 200 euros for 3 classes. It is limited to 10 years, but is renewable. The deposit with the INPI confers a right of ownership on the mark.
If a trademark incorporates an original logo, copyrights may be conferred on that logo, so it is important to provide proof of the date of creation of that particular logo prior to the filing of the trademark.

. Inventions are also concerned?

Our site allows to give a certain date on an invention. For example, if you deposit an invention on MaPreuve, and another person files a patent later on the same invention, you can assert your rights, under certain conditions.
In addition if you are unsure of filing a patent, you have an interest in protecting the various R&D stages and your invention on MaPreuve.
The patent filing gives you a property right.

. Concerning drawing and models ?

The creators of designs can choose between two ways to protect their works :

  • Soit via le droit d'auteur,
  • Either via industrial property, a deposit at INPI confers a limited property right to 25 years.

. And for know-how ?

Know-how is a set of organizational or technical knowledge, business that is secret, substantial and identified.

Expertise must be precisely identified in order to determine its characteristics.

To keep the secret, must be put in place in the company safe spaces, limit it to a number of employees, etc..

The know-how is not the object of right of property, nevertheless its usurpation by a third party can be sanctioned, civil or penal.

Theft expertise by an employee shall be punished by imprisonment.

To provide proof of its expertise, it is strongly advised that a company has to describe it precisely on www.mapreuve.com ....

. As part of a cooking recipe ?

Recipes are not legally protectable; the best protection for a recipe is to maintain its secrecy and to carry out a confidentiality agreement with the employees.

On the other hand, if you want to show that you are the recipe creator, we recommend certifying and dating it on MaPreuve.

Grâce à l’essor de la pratique de la cuisine à échelle mondiale et à la réputation de la gastronomie française, la cuisine est devenue un art au fil des siècles. Tel un écrivain ou un artiste peintre, il est également possible de protéger ses créations culinaires.

Also, if you have a logo associated with a recipe trademark, you can immediately protect it on MaPreuve.

. How do I certify a will with MaPreuve ?

In all cases, your will must be executed in a handwritten way: Article 970 of the Civil Code concerning the holographic will.

To avoid any dispute, MaPreuve can provide additional proof of attestation and timestamping. To do this, you must first scan the original manuscript.

Legal side

  1. How does intellectual property protection work ?
  2. What is the right of prior invention?
  3. What is the legal value of your proofs ?
  4. Why legally protect myself ?
  5. What is the advantage in protecting myself as soon as possible ?
  6. What is the scope of proofs in court ?
  7. How many countries are concerned by the protection of literary and artistic works ?
  8. Who holds my proof ?
  9. In the event of plagiarism or copyright infringement, what can I do ?
  10. How do you situate yourselves in relation to the INPI ?
  11. And the other organizations ?

. How Intellectual Property Works

Intellectual property is a legal term that refers to creations of the mind. It can be divided in two main categories: :

  • The "literary and artistic property" that protects creations of all kinds. If the work is original it is the subject of copyright. But in case of exploitation or dispute, you must provide legal proof of your creation, this is what offers the site MaPreuve.
  • Industrial Property found there mainly patents and trademarks. In France, these activities are managed by the INPI.
To specify that the designs are in 2 families, and therefore protectable by 2 ways.

. What is the right of prior invention?

It is an exception to the patent monopoly. According to the Article L. 613-7 of the Code of intellectual property, this exception recognize that "Any person who, within the territory in which this Book applies, at the filing date or priority date of a patent was, in good faith, in possession of the invention which is the subject matter of the patent shall enjoy a personal right to work that invention despite the existence of the patent"

The effect is: paralysis of the infringement action brought by the depositor or his entitled person.

However, this exception to the patent monopoly is subject to conditions :

  • The person claiming the right must have real possession of the invention;
    In other words, this person must have knowledge of technical invention and must know all the elements constituting the patent.
    Nevertheless, the exception requires only the simple intellectual control of the invention (enough complete and finished to be able to be implemented, without requiring inevitably an effective exploitation.
  • The possession and invention must be identical or similar ;
  • The possession must be prior to the date of the patent application or the priority date ;
  • The possession must be carried out on French territory ;
  • Possession must be "personal", it means it shouldn’t result to divulgation of the depositor before the filing date ;
  • Finally, the person must be in good faith, that means that the possessor is sincere when he made himself the invention or when he has legitimately received its author.
This is to the person who alleges the right of prior personal possession to prove it. MaPreuve enables you to get this evidence of possession.

Therefore MaPreuve recommends to deposit your researches, trials, tests, etc. made in France with www.mapreuve.com.
MaPreuve is a decisive advantage.

. What is the legal value of your proofs ?

Our protection is notably based on the legal system of the standardized electronic signature.

Since Directive 1999/93 /CE of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 December 1999, implemented by the Act of 13 March 2000 on electronic signature, there is a new mode of proof: the normalized electronic signature. Only Trusted Third Parties may, within the meaning of these texts, give the electronic signature a legal value, admitted as proof in court.

The company Dhimyotis, creator of the MaPreuve website, has the qualification of Trusted Third Party thanks to obtaining national and European standards in this area.

Our time stamping service is synchronized on time servers, based on several atomic clocks. It is compliant with RFC 3161 standard.

It is important to note that our service is also in compliance with the eIDAS regulation coming into force in July, 2016.

The European regulation n° 910/2014 of July 23rd, 2014 about " the electronic identification and the reliable services ", applicable from July, 2016, has for objective to create a single market of the safety of the exchanges on the internet.

. Why legally protect myself ?

En droit d’auteur, selon l'article L. 111-1 du code de propriété intellectuelle, "l'auteur d'une œuvre de l'esprit jouit sur cette oeuvre, du seul fait de sa création, d'un droit de propriété...". Ainsi, vos droits s'acquièrent du fait même de votre création. Aucune formalité légale n'est demandée.

However, informality does not preclude the need to build up an evidence of prior art.

In case of dispute, the evidence of your creations is essential.

This is why our proof will allow you a defense before any jurisdiction in case of questioning of your quality of author. Finally, concerning the law of the industrial property, requiring a legal deposit (patent, mark, drawings and models), MaPreuve allows you to establish a proof before making this deposit, in particular on the different versions which precedes the final version which will be filed.

. What is the advantage in protecting myself as soon as possible ?

In terms of copyright, it is decisive to be able to establish his authorship and the date of your creation. Before any diffusion, we recommend you to constitute the proof of the existence and the date of your creation.

. What is the scope of proofs in court ?

MaPreuve offers proof with a certified electronic signature within the meaning of Directive 1999/93 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, transposed by Law n ° 2000-230 of March 2000 and Decree n ° 2001-272 of March 30, 2001 As a result, all our evidence has a presumption of reliability (Article 1367 of the Civil Code) and our writing in electronic form has the same probative force as the written form (Article 1366 of the Civil Code).

That which was reaffirmed by a recent ruling by the Supreme Court dated 30 September 2010 (No. 09-68555), stating that for an electronic signature to be valid it must consist of "the use of a reliable method of identification that ensures its link with the act to which it is attached. The reliability of this process is presumed until proven otherwise. "

In case of dispute, you can submit our evidence to the judge.

It should also be noted that the July 2014 European eIDAS Regulation provides for mutual recognition of qualified electronic signatures between the Member States of the European Union. Article 25 provides that "The legal effect and the admissibility of an electronic signature as evidence in court may not be refused on the sole ground that the signature is in an electronic form or does not meet the requirements of the qualified electronic signature ".

Our Evidence may be submitted to any European judge.

. How many countries are concerned by the protection of literary and artistic works ?

In 2016, more than 170 countries had signed the Berne Convention, which deals with this subject, and the European countries, the United States and China are signatories to it.

link: list of signatory countries to the Berne Convention

. Who holds my proof ?

The proofs are created, by default, on your desktop.

It is therefore important you make sure to keep your proofs in a safe place. To avoid loss, we recommend that you make copies on external media, e.g. USB sticks or CD or Secure Cloud services.

. In the event of plagiarism or copyright infringement, what can I do ?

Initially, we advise you to produce the attestation, then subsequently the zipped file.

. How do you situate yourselves in relation to the INPI ?

The INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property) is the French office where the filing of patents, trademarks, drawings and models in particular. It also offers information services and the soleau envelope, a mode of proof. The INPI is the only office that issues an industrial property title.

The service offered by MaPreuve does not consist in issuing a title of ownership, nor in conferring an intellectual property right. It allows you, as part of your overall strategy to protect your intangible assets, to take steps and precautions necessary to establish evidence of your creation and your intervention. :

This service: concerns a wide variety of creations and documents, is accessible online, allows you to access all your proofs at any time and for free, and is proposed at adapted rates with a choice of 4 Packs.

Note that our parent company DHIMYOTIS, creator of the service MaPreuve, has received a trophy of innovation and a talent trophy of the INPI.

. And the other organizations ?

Our service does not support the affiliation with collective management organizations in matters of copyright and related rights.

We are referenced with the French Association of Video Games .

We are also referenced in some professional directories such as BEPUB for the communication trades.


  1. What is your status and your qualification ?
  2. Have you had any recognitions ?
  3. How many proofs have been done on MaPreuve ?

. What is your status and your qualification ?

DHIMYOTIS, creator of MaPreuve has the official Trusted Third Party status :

  • Recognized by the French state, with the new RGS standard for exchanges of probative value between the Administration and the users.
  • First French company to have obtained an official standard of authentication and electronic signatures in Europe.
  • Its CERTIGNA solution is integrated into the Windows, MAC, and MOZILLA operating systems, which allow the email recipient to verify its sender in an automatic and secure fashion.

. Have you had any recognitions ?

Our parent company, DHIMYOTIS, creator of MaPreuve has indeed been recognized in the following spheres :

  • INPI Innovation Trophy: French national institute of intellectual property
  • PICOM Innovation Trophy: French Competitiveness cluster of Trade Industries.
  • Innovation Award from FFSA: French Federation of Insurance Companies.
  • Innovation Award from Alliancy: IT Cluster.
  • Winner of the business strategy (Presented to the Ministry of Finance).
  • Labelled by BPI-OSEO Innovation.

. How many proofs have been done on MaPreuve ?

At 1st January 2016, more than 50 000 Proofs has been created.

Manage my account

  1. Why to create an account ?
  2. How to create an account on MaPreuve?
  3. How to activate my account ?
  4. How do I access my customer account ?
  5. What is the available information on my customer account

. Why to create an account ?

Your account gives you access to protect your document or store your Proof in our data centers. Creating an account is required to use these services.

. How to create an account on MaPreuve?

Pour créer votre compte client, vous pouvez cliquer sur le bouton inscription en haut à droite de la plage d'accueil de notre site.

You can choose between creating a personal or professional account.

. How to activate my account ?

When your account is created, you will receive an email at the address entered in the form. Click on the link in this email to activate your account and start protecting your documents.

Your account will be unusable until the activation is not completed. Please check that your email address is valid to receive the activation email.

. How do I access my customer account ?

Cliquez en haut de la page sur le bouton Log In puis saisissez votre adresse e-mail et votre mot de passe pour vous connecter.

. What is the available information on my customer account

Your account contains several tabs :

  • The dashboard
  • Proofs manager
  • Invoice history
  • Different Settings
For businesses, you can also access to :
  • Account user list
  • The historical proof made ​​by each user account
It is also from your account that you can edit your information.

Credits Packs

  1. What is a credit?
  2. What are the available packages on MaPreuve
  3. How to buy a package
  4. How do I access my invoice ?

. What is a credit?

One credit allows you to protect a document regardless of its size or format.

. What are the available packages on MaPreuve ?

Pour pouvoir enregistrer vos documents électroniques, il faut créditer votre compte client en achetant des Packs de Crédits.
MaPreuve offers five different packages to meet all your needs :

  • Discovery Package
  • 10 credits package
  • 25 credits package
  • 50 credits package

The 3, 10, 25 and 50 packages respectively give you 3, 10, 25 and 50 credits on your customer account. These Credits are not limited in time. You can use them whenever you wish.

. How to buy a package

Login to your account and go to the webpage Our offers to select your Pack. Your account will be credited with the number of proof a few minutes after the validation of the payment

    The accepted payment methods are :
  • Credit card
  • Paypal
For all payments other than by credit card or Paypal, an additional delay will be necessary for the processing of your payment.

If you still want to use one of these payment methods, you can contact us using online contact form

. How do I access my invoice ?

When your payment is validated, you will receive your signed invoice by mail in PDF format.
This invoice is also available on your account in the "My Invoices" section.

Ttechnical guide

  1. How does the conservation of evidence work ?
  2. What are the different steps to create a proof ?
  3. What contain a proof?
  4. Can we create a proof with a phone or a tablet?

. How does the conservation of evidence work ?

For this information, we suggest you visit the following page: : https://www.mapreuve.com/en/technologies.php

. What are the different steps to create a proof ?

Pour enregistrer un document sur MaPreuve, il faut vous connecter à votre compte client et cliquer sur « Protéger ».

Please note: Your account must be credited before you can save a document. Please check that you have enough Credit to record each document.

The protection process may be different depending on the internet browser used:

I/ You are using one of the following internet browser: Mozilla Firefox all versions, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Opera.
To create a proof, we run the Javascript technology.

To save a document, you just have to drag and drop one or more files into the protection window or select a file by clicking on the "select files to protect" button.

Your proof is generated on your computer and will be located by default in the download folder of your computer. You will also receive by a certified email a Proof Certificate in PDF.

Note: Because of certain limitations imposed by Internet browser editors, the maximum file size that can be saved by this process can not exceed 100 MB.

In case the file size to be protected is larger than 100 MB, you can always save your digital document to MaPreuve.com using MaPreuve software for PC or Mac.

II/ You are using Safari browser or Internet explorer less than 11.0:
To create a proof, we recommend to Download our MaPreuve software

To save a document, simply select one or more files by clicking on the "Add" button. Once you have made the selection, simply click on the "Protect" button.

Si notre logiciel MaPreuve rencontre des difficultés lors de l’installation ou l’utilisation, veuillez nous contacter.

.What contain a proof?

Your proof generated in the form of a zipped envelope in the format ".Asice" contains:

  • A copy of the original document
  • A META-INF folder which contains the proof document in the P7S format (contains the signature and timestamping of your document) and a xml file with information about the protected file;
  • A submission attestation in PDF format showing the description of the protected file. This attestation is also electronically signed with a Certigna certificate.

. Can we create a proof with a phone or a tablet ?

Not at the moment , following the fact that Java is not currently supported by this type of device. However you can access to the whole MaPreuve website and protections made ​​on your customer area from your mobile devices.

Proof verification

. How to verify a proof ?

By submitting a file, a proof is created as a zipped envelope on your computer.
To verify a proof, you must must have a ZIP envelope.
This verification service can be carried out by you or by a third party, even a MaPreuve non-customer, to whom you have sent your zipped file or the protected original file.
If any of the documents contained in the zip file have been modified, verification of the proof is no longer valid.

To check your proof, please visit the following address https://www.mapreuve.com/en/verifier-une-preuve.php

When the application launches for the first time, a security warning may be displayed.
Click on "accept" so that the application can run.
Click on "Browse" to select your proof file

Note: If your file does not correspond to a document filed on MaPreuve, you will receive the following error message
When you have selected your proof file, click onVerify to begin the process.

If your proof is valid, you will get a green fingerprint which specify the proof validity

The Public Certificate

  1. What is a Public Certificate ?
  2. How do I access my Public Certificate ?
  3. What information contained my Public Certificate ?
  4. Can you load a seal on a protected document?

. What is a Public Certificate ?

For each proof confirmed, two certificates are created :
The Private Certificate is present in your zip file. It is also sent by certified email when you create a Proof.
The Public Certificate is for a third in case of necessity to prove your Proof.

This Public Certificate contains the main information of your registration, you can add additional elements: title, description, image.

. How do I access my Public Certificate ?

To access your Public Certificate, you must log in to your account.
The home page of your account list your proof​​.
By clicking on any of the protected documents, you arrive on the administration of your Public Certificate.

. What information contained my Public Certificate ?

Automatically, your Public Certificate contains the following information :

  • The person name who protected the file
  • Proof date
  • The proof reference

You have the possibility of adding a title and a description to your proof.
To do this, complete the fields "title" and "description" then click on "Submit"

You can also add an artwork of your document (photo, drawing,...)
This file must be less than 1 MB Accepted formats are: png, jpg and jpeg.
To add your artwork, click on the image on the right, a new window opens
Click on "choose a file". When your image is selected, the window automatically closes. Your artwork will appear on your public page.

When someone accesses your Public Certificate, we also display some excerpts from the intellectual property code.

. Can you load a seal on a protected document?

Indeed, for a protected document on a website, we offer the possibility to load a seal. The MaPreuve seal is a clickable image that you can display on your website to warn that your files are deposited on MaPreuve. When someone clicks on that image, they will directly access your Public Certificate.

In this way, you bring proof that your documents are certified on MaPreuve.

Loading a seal is realized from your Public Certificate.

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