The MaPreuve service is based on legally recognized technologies that it wholly owns and controls.

The creation of proof of authenticity combines the following steps :

Prerequisite: You have to have opened a customer account on MaPreuve.
MaPreuve creates a summary of your file on your desktop which consists of a series of unintelligible characters; this is called the fingerprint. This fingerprint can detect any later changes in the file. The intrinsic qualities of the algorithm used to calculate the fingerprint are such that it is impossible to create or edit a file to match any given fingerprint.
Your file (copy or original) is not transferred to MaPreuve at any time.

It is impossible to restore your file from the fingerprint, thereby preserving the confidentiality of your data.
The electronic signature ensures the integrity of your file (the signature is associated with the calculated fingerprint) and proves that the user has used the services of MaPreuve, the fingerprint’s signatory.

This signature is based on the use of a digital certificate that must be issued by a Certification Authority recognised as a Trusted Authority. The Dhimyotis Certigna Authority, creator of MaPreuve, is such an authority. The certificates issued by this authority are ETSI TS or RGS standardized, (European and French standards respectively) necessary for the recognition of the signature as legal proof.
A specific and unfalsifiable date is 'affixed' (known as 'time stamp') to the file fingerprint. This timestamping is proof of the existence of the time stamped data on a certain date, and therefore of the file from which the fingerprint has been created.

The time stamp is generated from the date and time of the signed fingerprint. Our timestamping server offers both precision and non-falsification of this certified date.
A zipped envelope is created locally on your computer in ".zip " or ".asice " format.
This file constitutes your proof. Remember to keep it in a safe place.
This attestation contains all the elements of the process carried out.
This email is signed using the digital certificate issued by Certigna (property of Dhimyotis), a trusted authority known worldwide. With this signature, the sender of the email is authenticated and you are assured of the authenticity of its content (message and attachment).
Schema of MaPreuve document's protection process

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