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Protect a file with one credit,
All sizes and formats allowed.

Do you have an original idea, a project or creation?

Prenez le Pack 10 crédits, l'offre plébiscitée par les utilisateurs MaPreuve

Enregistrez 10 Digital documents for only 75 € excluding tax soit 7,5 € le crédit !

3 Credits

€ 25 HT

Ideal for small projects


25 Credits

€ 165 HT

20% off when you purchase the 25 credits package


50 Credits

€ 280 HT

30% off when you purchase the 50 credits package


Dedicated solutions for companies

Immediate premium hotline support

Customized solutions

Multi user account

We have solutions that are particularly suitable for innovative companies with the daily need to prove their creation process or to quickly certify digital documents.

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MaPreuve service is also available through our API.

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