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MaPreuve is the first trusted site for you to quickly certify a digital document.
An evidence verification service is also available.

Vous êtes l'auteur d'une création, d'une innovation, d'un concept ?
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You want to check the validity of a Proof of authenticity?
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No more theft of your intellectual property!

Confidential, secure and immediate, the MaPreuve service allows you to establish proof of your creations of any kind ...

MaPreuve is the ideal solution to prove all the steps of your creative process. Find out more

Save your digital documents without size or file size limitations.

Create proof of authenticity


Show that you are the official author by publishing your own Public Certificate.

For each proof confirmed, two certificates are created :

  • The Private Certificate
    You will receive the certificate of authenticity by certified email.
    This certificate is mainly used in case you need to prove that you are the author of the document.

  • Public Certificate
    This is available on your account in the ‘My proofs’ section.
    You can complete the certificate by adding photo, title and description.

    This certificate is very useful if you publish a protected document on a website and want it to be recognised. For example, by using a link on a photo, the user will be redirected to the certificate with a single click.

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Check the validity of a proof of authenticity at any time: yours or a third parties.

This check is imperative in the event of a dispute or a doubt on the authenticity of an element without any cost and at any time.

It is not necessary to be registered on the MaPreuve website to check the validity of a proof.

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