Protéger son patrimoine immatériel entreprise

Create proof of authenticity

MaPreuve protects entrepreneurs.

Are you a serial entrepreneur or regularly create start-ups? Do you wish to secure your business exchanges, in order to talk freely about your projects and ideas? Do you wish to kick-start a project or execute a pitch without any risk of intellectual property loss? allows to protect your concepts.

  • Business plan;
  • Concepts;
  • Contracts;
  • Publications;
  • ..., in compliance with Authors’ rights law, allows you to get official proof of your creative process. Pitches, Business Plans and presentations are some examples of what can be protected and secured with MaPreuve.

Many MaPreuve customers add the MaPreuve logo on their keynote and presentation documents. Moreover, it is advisable to add the proof deposit number within the non disclosure agreement. allows you to:

  • Dissuade potential copycats during the start-up of your company;
  • Reassure investors as the company is growing;
  • To standardise business relations within the context of your project development.

Create proof of authenticity

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