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MaPreuve guarantees the integrity and anteriority of your Web creations.

Do you own a website? Would you would like to protect it, or perhaps pictures, text or graphics? Protect it with!

The Authors’ rights law covers your whole website and/or separate elements of it if it is certified. Here are some illustrations of that cover:

  • Your web title is covered by the same legal conditions as the content,
  • Your content also needs to be protected in compliance with articles L.122-6 and following of the Code of intellectual property,
  • The homepage, texts, illustrations, pictures and sounds
  • Finally, the hypertext links.

These elements are more often than not ignored but can all be protected using Your digital creations could be difficult to protect using classical Intellectual property tools. That is why with, using our digital service, you can effectively secure and immediately deposit your creations including text, pictures, titles, sounds and ultimately the whole website.

In a world that is more and more competitive, many developers see their work on competitors’ websites. It is important to recognise that an imitation of your website can be prosecuted under the laws of unfair competition or plagiarism.

Create proof of authenticity

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