Protection Musique

Create proof of authenticity

My proof adapted to musical creation.

You are musician ? Do you play in a musical group? helps you protect your musical creations.

Within the musical piece there are two distinguishable aspects:

  • The lyrics
  • The musical composition

Literary and artistic property law protects these two aspects. allows you to create proof of authenticity and anteriority of all aspects of your musical pieces.

SACEM is a society of collective management of the rights of the authors, which has the possibility to take legal action to defend the rights of the artists that it represents, that is to say, the artists who have previously deposited all their works and granted the right to authorize and prohibit the performance or public performance, as well as the reproduction of the work. Which means for the lawyers, an assignment of the economic rights of the work for the benefit of SACEM, the author retains only his moral right.

MaPreuve does not replace the SACEM membership, it offers a different service.

Create proof of authenticity

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