Protection dessins industriels

Create proof of authenticity

MaPreuve provides you with a tool to protect all your creations, even the most technical ones.

Industrial Design represents an important part of the activity of many companies. The products’ visual appearance and its the packaging are critical elements of differentiation within the market. The look of the product is a vital and key point of its industrial success. MaPreuve allows you to protect these key advantages.

Why register on your industrial design, your packaging?

According to The National Intellectual Property Offices, drawings are a 2D representation of a product, whereas, a model is a 3D representation.

Before reaching the final version that will be filed as a design and model (if it meets the conditions to obtain this title issued by the INPI), MaPreuve allows to date with certainty the progress of your successive projects and establish proof of your authorship.

Various contents can be deposited on (for example selected patterns (2D), product shape (3D), etc.) which can then be the subject of a deposit with the INPI because the designs concern handicrafts and industry products in various sectors (watchmaking, furniture, clothing, letterpress, jewelery, etc.).

Using the protection offered by MaPreuve, you will enjoy various advantages:

  • You will be able to speak in public while having a proof of integrity and anteriority;
  • Register and sign your confidentiality agreements on Ma;
  • You will be able to deposit a complete design which meets all of the legal requirements of National Intellectual Property Offices having registered every stage of the development with MaPreuve.

Don’t forget: the authors’ rights also applies to your designs and packages.

So, without registering your copyright, you still have Authors’ rights protection, however, it is still difficult to prove that you are the author of your work. allows to clarify the legal situation and protect your rights.

Have you designed drawings or a package along with several collaborators? There is a co-authors option!

MaPreuve is aware of the importance of collaborative work and allows you to add co-authors. Each author will be able to claim his "own part of the work ".

Create proof of authenticity

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