Protection créations textiles

Create proof of authenticity

MaPreuve guarantees the authenticity and anteriority of your textile creations.

Do you wish to protect your design work? Say you designed an original motif and reproduced it on printed fabric and you realised that it was duplicated without your authorisation. supports you during the process of proving the authenticity and the anteriority of your creative process.

As with any aesthetic creations, it is important to know that your garment will be automatically protected by Authors’ rights. The proof is in the originality of the piece and the shape. It is nevertheless difficult to prove the origin of these aesthetic creations, notably before commercialisation of the piece. MaPreuve accompanies the textile creators in a legal protection approach.

The Authors’ rights include:

  • The design of a garment;
  • The expressed shape;
  • The original motifs reproduced on a printed fabric.

It is also possible to file a drawing or design with the French National Office of Intellectual Property (INPI). The aesthetic aspect of the garment can be the subject of a patent filing. MaPreuve is a complementary tool allowing you to secure your design process before and during the filing of your work.

Create proof of authenticity

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