Protection cahier de laboratoire

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MaPreuve provides you with a tool for the protection of your research work and laboratory notebooks.

Are you a researcher, an engineer, a technician or a PhD student? Do you record all of your research in a laboratory notebook? allows you to protect and certify your research!

What is a laboratory's notebook?

According to the CNRS (French National Centre For Scientific Research), the laboratory notebook "is developed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, in association with the INPI and in accordance with public research. The laboratory notebook provides for all those who conduct research work (researchers, engineers, technicians, PhD students, trainees etc.) a way to document the day to day detail of their works. It is also very useful during the patent filing process as a tool to transfer knowledge or to prove anteriority of the research. It is easy to use and therefore it becomes essential ".

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The working process of your research must be protected and certified. timestamps and provides an electronic signature of your notebook in each stage of your research. You can push forward in your research knowing that it is protected on The electronic signature is provided by our parent company, DHIMYOTIS,

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Create proof of authenticity

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