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Soleau envelope, the name of its inventor Eugene SOLEAU, is a means of proof. Made available by the INPI, It allows to constitute a proof of creation and to give a certain date to an idea or a project.

This paper envelope makes it possible to have a proof of anteriority concerning a creation that can be used in France to obtain with certainty the date of an invention, an idea, a work.

However, the content positioned inside the envelope, even if it is free, must not interfere with the perforation carried out by the INPI.

In fact, the Soleau paper envelope must not contain "hard bodies" (cardboard, rubber, plastic, CD-Rom, USB key ...) and the envelope once filled can not exceed 5mm in thickness (which corresponds to 7 sheets of A4 paper).

MaPreuve allows you to record and give a certain date to any digital content, regardless of its size or format.

With the MaPreuve service, you immediately create your proof (without the need for a paper envelope) on your computer, ready to be used without any other formality.

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