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A brilliant idea can be worth it’s weight in gold so it needs to be protected. Unless the idea has taken form such as through text, drawing or another medium it cannot be protected, according to the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, or the Council Directive of the European Union (No. 91/250/EC) of 14 May 1991.

on the other hand, a shaped idea can become a work of the mind and benefit from a protection by the right of author.

This is where the MaPreuve site comes into its own. Using its time-stamping system, you will have proof of anteriority against anyone looking to plagiarise your idea and will be able to prove that you were the first to have it.

Unlike other sites, MaPreuve uses digital fingerprints of the protected work which means that it never passes through the site and therefore has another layer of protection. The less an idea is able to be seen, the less likely it is to be copied. The service is completely confidential.

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