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MaPreuve allows me to play my new songs live without risk of being plagiarised!

Protect your creations for just a few euros

A quick online secure service

You have created several pieces of work? MaPreuve can protect your inventions under the name of each inventor at no extra charge!

Free registration

Are you are starting out in music and you want to protect your work.

The problem is that the Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music requires that your music has been played in public several times before you can protect your work.

Most organisations only accept media material in hard copy as a finished product. However, you need to protect your music prior to signing up with the Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music. MaPreuve is the online solution that you can use from home, which uses a digital medium rather than a physical copy, and which carries with it the assurance of being a legal proof of authenticity.

You get: Evidence on your computer, the certificate of authenticity by email that can be used immediately to claim your copyright on your music, and electronic evidence of anteriority of the material authenticating you as the sole author of the music.

Protect your music in all confidentiality with MaPreuve.

Register and sign your confidentiality agreements on Ma;

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