Protect your creations

Protect your creation whatever the size and file format! Protect without any limits!

Protect your creations from just a few euros

A quick online secure service

You have created several pieces of work? MaPreuve can protect your inventions under the name of each inventor at no extra charge!

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Are you an Inventor, designer, sculptor, interior designer or landscape architect and need your work protected under the law, but you don’t know how to do it?

The MaPreuve service is the solution. You will get legally valid and confidential evidence of your work directly to your computer without sharing the contents whether it be a blueprint, drawing or photos of your work. This is achieved by creating a digital fingerprint of your document.

In addition to the service being confidential and convenient, in just a few clicks you can protect your work from home quickly and at a very affordable price.

With MaPreuve, you will not allow others to copy your work.

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