An intellectual property theft story

MaPreuve was created as a result of the personal experience of Arnauld Dubois. This very passionate entrepreneur, and creator of suffered thefts of his intellectual property many times over the years. As every project manager knows, it is difficult to keep all innovations safe from imitation. The current possibilities for protecting intellectual property have their limits and many entrepreneurs are resigned to keeping their innovations quiet. However, Innovative practices demand innovative techniques! Here he is, talking about his personal experiences.

For 25 years, I have been creating innovative start-ups. Early on in my career, for example, I was involved in the Minitel industry during its early stages of development. Over these years, many of my ideas have been stolen! As a result of these experiences and in collaboration with my associate, a mathematician, we decided to create a reliable and accessible tool to protect our future creations.

Arnauld Dubois, Creator of MaPreuve

From these negative experiences, a promising idea emerged: to enable thousands, even millions of innovative creative professionals to protect their intellectual property in just one click! MaPreuve was created in 2011. Our model is based on the technology from our parent company, DHIMYOTIS, which is an ‘Officially Trusted Third Party’.

Created in 2005, the group brings together reliable space on the Internet with solutions of authentication, electronic signature, timestamping, encryption and storage with legal value. To give a legal impetus to the service, uses the certified timestamp and the standardized electronic signature provided by Dhimyotis Group.

After having established as a brand, DHIMYOTIS decided to create the subsidiary MaPreuve in March 2015. Today, continues to grow and is becoming an increasingly major player in the intellectual property sector. Creatives, entrepreneurs and large groups, work together for the same purpose: to secure their intellectual property.

Our group has received numerous awards, including the innovation award from the French National Institute of Industrial Property. We are also supported by BPI-OSEO.

Any project, any artistic creation begins with a concrete idea… Share it, but more importantly, protect it! Use MaPreuve to protect it.

Click, it's proven!

Our innovation awards

Trophée INPI
Dhimyotis Founders
Trophies INPI Innovation
  • Innovation Award from PICOM: French Competitiveness Cluster of Trade Industries
  • Innovation Award from FFSA: French Federation of Insurance Companies
  • Innovation Award from Alliancy: IT Cluster
  • Innovation Award from INPI: French National Institute of Industrial Property

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