Vos créations n'ont de valeurs  
  que si elles vous appartiennent  
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What is MaPreuve.com?

Legally protect your innovation, creations, photos, music, all your digital documents
by providing a proof of integrity and anteriority!

Businesses or individuals, find out everything you can protect on MaPreuve...

French qualification, international standards and recognized standards...

The MaPreuve service is based on legally recognized technologies that it wholly owns and controls.

Cost of a Proof, confidentiality, co-author...

MaPreuve main advantages

Immediate protection

No limits in the file size to be protected.

Unfalsifiable proofs

Process 100% secure

all kind of files format accepted

Free Proof verification service

A proof is valid for life

Legal validity recognized in more than 170 countries

What do you want to protect?

Some references

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